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Level of service – a concept past its sell by date?

In August 2014 the Streetsblog website published an article (here) which began: Ding, dong…LOS is dead. At least as far as the state of California is concerned. Advertisements

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Augview update

In September 2013 I added a post (here) about “real-time viewing of under-road utilities”, and the company Augview Limited. For me the concept is very interesting – and would be even better if it included “views” of utility companies’ plans … Continue reading

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China to Spain railway link

One of the world’s longest transport links was tried out a few weeks ago., the China to Spain rail link. The South China Morning Post (link) wrote that:

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Terry Pratchett’s traffic problems

The popular author Terry Pratchett, who died recently, wrote several books about a world of fantasy and magic. You might think that people living in a world like this would be free from many of the problems which we find … Continue reading

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PCU factors – are they just pseudoscience ?

Road traffic is made up of a great variety of different types of vehicles – from large articulated lorries and busses, to minicars and bicycles. The different vehicle types have different characteristics – length, or typical speed, or rate of … Continue reading

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Understanding road geometrics (3)

Sometimes adding colour can improve the understanding of technical information. Here are three examples:

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Understanding road geometrics (1)

Selecting a suitable value for a geometric road design element – perhaps horizontal radius – isn’t always easy. The most common way design standards use to present their data is through many pages of text and tables. These often present … Continue reading

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Sight distance in motion

In an earlier post I listed something like 44 different types of sight distance (see here). Even this list is not complete. For example I recently came across the term “sight distance in motion” (SDM), a parameter used in reference … Continue reading

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Bicycling, French website

Some more topic networking. Mobiped is a French consultancy in sustained mobility. The website is available in English as well as French. The company staff have worked up a number of documents on topics related to e.g. cycling and modal … Continue reading

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Time pollution

Eric Britton (facebook link) rcently posted a message about a paper written in 1993 by John Whitelegg, and which was published in “The Ecologist“. Mr. Whitelegg is referenced in Wikipedia (here). The paper, called “Time pollution” is available online, for … Continue reading

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