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Notes on “design speed”

Speed – and in particular design speed – is a key parameter in determining values for a number of highway geometric features in highway design. Examples include horizontal radius and stopping sight distance. There also seems to be a  relationship between … Continue reading

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Nepal road standards

Nepal has had road design manuals for many years. The first one I have seen reference to is the Manual of Highway Design and Construction of 1960. Various documents have been issued by a number of different government bodies since … Continue reading

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New road classification / 4 : a two-dimensional geometrics classification

The previous post in this series gave an example of a two-dimensional classification for roads, and asked: What would be the features suitable for use in a 2-dimensional code for the geometry of roads? The same post argued that when … Continue reading

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China to Spain road link

…. or rather, something a little bit longer. Following the last post on a China to Spain railway link, the UK’s Daily Mail today reports here on plans for a road linking Britain to the USA, crossing western Europe, Russia … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces

Italian Bike Weekend – Ciclomundi Ciclomundi is being held in a small town near Venice this weekend (3. – 15. June). It is a three-day festival which ” celebrates the myth, the epic and the utopia of the bicycle in … Continue reading

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Roads basics – terminology

On terminology, Buchanan’s “Traffic in towns” (ref.602 of 1963 and see here) says: “We think it is preferable to refer to the main network of any town as the town or primary network. This may then be broken down into … Continue reading

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Classification – motorways and speed (2)

In an earlier post (see here) I wrote:  Maybe there should be different sub-classes of motorway, such as

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Road classification in Portugal

Background Portugal has a population of some 10.5 million persons and an area of 92,212 sq.km. Mainland Portugal is divided into 18 districts  while the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are as autonomous regions. There are 308 municipalities, subdivided … Continue reading

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Road classification in Montenegro

Montenegro has a population of about 625,000 and an area of 13,812 sq.km,  making it one of the smallest countries in the world (161st). Montenegro is divided into twenty-one municipalities and two urban municipalities, subdivisions of Podgorica muncipality. Each municipality … Continue reading

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