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Notes on “design speed”

Speed – and in particular design speed – is a key parameter in determining values for a number of highway geometric features in highway design. Examples include horizontal radius and stopping sight distance. There also seems to be a  relationship between … Continue reading

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Classification – motorways and speed (2)

In an earlier post (see here) I wrote:  Maybe there should be different sub-classes of motorway, such as

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Road hierarchy and scale

Road classification is a means of recognising certain characteristics of the roads in a road network. Road hierarchy is a special type of road classification. It ranks the roads in a network in terms of some sort of graded importance. … Continue reading

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Primary road classification

Terminology There are various definitions of road hierarchy and road classification. The basic difference (should) be that a hierarchy groups roads into different classes and then gives the classes some sense of ranking –  for example, in order of decreasing … Continue reading

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